Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Faces of LEDtronics: Raffi Shubukian

By LEDtronics, Inc.

To Raffi Shubukian of LEDtronics, no two days of work are the same. As a LEDtronics marketing assistant Raffi is the principal photographer, graphic designer, and so much more. On any given day you may see Raffi out shooting photos of products, writing press releases, or designing print marketing materials. Read on to learn more about Raffi both on the job and at leisure.

What inspired you to work for LEDtronics and how long ago was it?

When I first started with the company four and a half years ago, it was preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The fact that I had become part of a pioneering endeavor that, for a quarter of a century, had been innovating the emerging technology of solid-state lighting did, in a manner of speaking, electrify me. In addition, my interest in environmental issues lent further gratification.

What do you feel makes LEDtronics the great company that it is? What separates it from competitors?

The structure of the company tells it all—it is spread out horizontally. There exists naturally a hierarchy of duties, but the offices are laid out in an efficient circle of collaborative workflow, where different departments interact and interconnect. That team spirit and family atmosphere I find inspiring and energizing.

What are your roles at LEDtronics? Describe an average day at work for you.

Being the principal photographer, I am responsible for ensuring we have the best images of the latest products that come out of R&D. In addition, I travel to sites where LEDtronics lights have been installed. During a typical day I also respond to any other photography needs across the company.

Tell me about what you do at LEDtronics today.

What I find exciting about my duties at LEDtronics is that photography is only one part of it. My duties include designing and updating our marketing materials, as well as our color ads in trade publications. I especially enjoy writing our press releases.

What do you hope to accomplish at LEDtronics in the future?

Next year the company will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. The solid-state lighting technology has matured and today feeds one of the fastest developing industries. LEDtronics is growing and I feel fortunate that my involvement in it puts me at the forefront of the lighting revolution.

Tell me about your values in regards to work.

I am fortunate that the management sensibility at LEDtronics fosters individual creativity and taking interest in your work; it encourages new ideas and approaches, while its relaxed, family atmosphere promotes collaboration and mutual respect.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I read up or follow the latest news on current events, politics, history, design and photography, science and technology, different cultures, cuisines, music, literature, cinema… I enjoy learning new languages, hiking, taking short trips around California, cooking. I’m learning to play the guitar and plan to start gardening herbs and vegetables. And, of course, photography as personal pleasure and expression.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LEDtronics Did You Know Ep 10 LEDtronics offers a free LED-Solid State Lighting Seminar

By LEDtronics, Inc.

For 3 years LEDtronics has been educating individuals on the importance of LED technology both to the end user and to our global environment. The seminars were originally created because the lighting market was flooded with manufacturers of LED lighting products that did not offer the same level of quality or performance as those of LEDtronics. They felt that end users needed assistance in being educated on what LED lighting was, its advantages over older / conventional technologies, and how LEDtronics designs and manufactures products using the upper edge in the technology. The seminars have grown in size and content over time, and have become an excellent way for one to become educated about LEDs.

LEDtronics has invested a great deal of time and money into developing a powerful demonstration room in which the seminars take place. A wide variety of lights are available as a demonstration of the latest generation of LEDtronics products and how they are used to replace inefficient conventional lighting products. In addition to the seminar and display of current products, LEDtronics offers a showroom of past and many additional present products to present many different LED applications.

Though the seminars are tailored to the uninformed who have little to no previous knowledge of LED technology, attendees vary greatly in their technical understanding. Regardless of their previous knowledge, attendees report leaving with an increased understanding of the benefits of LED Lighting after attending the LEDtronics seminar. Visit to sign up for an upcoming seminar, and get enlightened on the rapid growth & benefits of LED technology from LEDtronics who has been -- "Creating the Future of Light Since 1983".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LEDtronics Solutions: Wicked good solution for Wicked.

By LEDtronics, Inc.

For a touring stage show like Wicked, everything must be built to rigorous standards to withstand the wear and tear of the road. This includes the stage lighting, which must endure continuous loading and unloading leaving a significant toll on the fixtures. For this reason and many others, the lighting designer for Wicked opted to utilize LEDtronics LED technology rather than traditional incandescent to achieve an emerald green star-like effect.

In past productions incandescent fixtures were utilized to produce this same effect. However the incandescent bulbs required constant maintenance. The vibration and movement inherent with any road show caused many of the bulbs to break, requiring the lighting crew to waste valuable time replacing lamps. By utilizing LEDtronics lamps maintenance time was reduced allowing the lighting crew to spend their valuable time on other tasks.

Another challenge for the Wicked designers was power consumption, a key component of any theatrical show. By switching from incandescent to LED, Wicked used nearly 90% less power! This allowed them to save money not only on energy costs, but also expensive power distribution equipment necessary for incandescent lamps.

While switching from incandescent to LEDs allowed the production company to save time and resources, it also helped the show look even better. LED technology produced much richer colors than its incandescent predecessors. This allowed the lighting designed to truly emulate the Emerald city and awe the audience. Now LEDtronics products are used on Wicked sets throughout the US and the world.

Contact LEDtronics today to find out how we can provide you with an effective lighting solution for your application.

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