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Tech Notes

LED Specification Datasheets
General Information
Discrete & SMT Ratings and Characteristic Curves Discrete Ratings
LED Color Chart
Single, Dual, & Multichip LEDs Color Chart Color Chart    
Backlighting Surface Using Discrete LEDs
Angles of Illumination (L206, LDF190, LD190, L200) Angles Of Illumination
Reliability Test Data
Discrete & PCB LED Lamps Endurance & Environmental Tests Test Data
Surface Mount (SMT) LED Quality / Reliability Test Data Test Data
White LED Life Data
Tests @: Room Temperature, High Temperature
Low Temperature, High Temperature & High Humidity
Test Data
Color Definition & Color Relationships
C.I.E. 1976 U.C.S. Chromaticity Diagram 1976
C.I.E. 1931 Chromaticity Diagram
(x,y coordinates used in our definition of white-emitting discrete LEDs)